Native use of Ambient, for both developing and playing games, is easy. We have a version manager that will retrieve a pre-built version of Ambient for your platform. This is the recommended way to use Ambient.

The steps are as follows, where the commands are for your terminal of choice:

  1. Install Rust. Note that the minimum supported version is 1.71.0, and you may need to update.

  2. Add the wasm32-wasi toolchain. This lets you compile Rust code for Ambient.

    rustup target add --toolchain stable wasm32-wasi
  3. Install the Ambient version manager:

    cargo install ambient

The native client of Ambient currently runs on Windows, Linux and macOS.

Warning: If you are using Command Prompt on Windows, ensure that you do not have an ambient executable in the directory that you are running the command from.

This is because Command Prompt will prefer the local executable over the one installed by Cargo.

Next, try the tutorial to create your first Ambient game!